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oh my got

In Japan, there are three terms in a school year. At my school, the students have mid-term exams and final exams every term (so, six exam periods a year). This week we had final exams, so I spent a bunch of time marking papers. The 3rd year students were asked to write a 5-sentence paragraph about one of the following topics: the school trip, club activities, the sports carnival or the choral festival. I just have to share this student’s answer because it made me LOL:

Hello! I’m [edit]. I like school trip. I like bolling. I like sukiyake. oh my got. egg!! egg!! egg!! I like “shimauta”. Do you like okinawa music? Oh yes. why? why? I like Harry Potter. Harry is so cool. I like Harmeryoni. see you. no time no see.

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Halloween = Disney cosplay

They went pretty nuts over halloween here. Well, compared to Australia that is. Lots of shops had halloween decorations up for all of October. Even, like, chemists and places that don’t sell anything remotely halloweeny.
We bought tickets for Disneyland for October 31st, which is the last day they have their halloween decorations up, and although it turned out to be possibly the single most crowded day of the whole year, it was absolutely worth it for the people-watching.
The majority of people were at least partly in costume, and a lot of them went to Serious Effort.

Beauty and the Beast and Tinkerbell

Some pretty good Alice cosplay

Is that a dwarf under her skirt? The face says yes.

I know it looks like a meringue... but I kinda want it.

For some reason it was quite popular for girls to strap on enormous bottoms and come as that lady duck. Daisy, that's it.

Toy Story cosplay

Alice characters were pretty popular. And some of the most interesting IMO.

There was quite a lot of really awesome Cheshire Cat cosplay.

Some people should not cosplay though...

Minnie Mouse is popular. God knows why.

Bwahahaha, I love group costumes.

And speaking of costumes, there was an awesome shop with some seriously cool costumes displayed in the windows. But the windows were a lie. The inside just had the same old Disney crap. /cry

Shop window in Disneyland. Sadly ill-reflecting the actual contents of the shop.

I’ve been to Tokyo Disneyland a couple of times before with Alan (on previous visits), but this trip was the first time we treated ourselves to a meal in the Blue Bayou, the restaurant that forms part of the scenery on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. That’s a pretty old ride, and not very popular these days, but it’s actually one of my favourites. In fact, some of the jokes that were used in the movie came from this ride, which was built in the ’60s.
Anyway, this themed restaurant was a lot of fun. Here are some pics:

Inside the Blue Bayou

First course at the Blue Bayou. I think it was, like, garlic and rosemary soup or something. It was pretty yummy.

Main course. Yeah, steaks are super thin in Japan. But then, so are the people. Hmmm...

Super-cute halloween-themed dessert. The ghost was actually just a strawberry with a sheet over it's head. Made of some kind of sweet mochi. Yum.

All in all a pretty awesome day.
I will leave you all with this image:

Look how cute he is in a teacup!